Drawing turned out to be one of the activities most favored by children. This activity can make children happy while stimulating their creativity. Unfortunately, not all teachers of Early Childhood Education (ECD) has the ability to draw. Though children often ask their students made certain images, especially the character of animals or plants.

The condition is certainly very alarming, considering that one of the tasks of early childhood teachers is to teach drawing and coloring to their students. Therefore, in order to increase the creativity of teachers in teaching drawing, the Center for Work Force (PKG) ECD District of Batujajar that houses various professional organizations ECD as IGTKI, IGRA, PAUDNI, IGTKA and HIMPAUDI, on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 yesterday held a Training Drawing housed in kindergarten "Siti Aminah," Batujajar Sub-district, West Bandung regency.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, Siti Patimah, S.Pd. AUD, which is also the chairman of the District IGTKI Batujajar, training events drawing on the theme "Through the Teacher Training, We Improve the Quality of Teacher Performance Subdistrict Batujajar" was attended by 100 representatives of teachers from early childhood / kindergarten throughout the District Batujajar. On the occasion, attended by several government officials of West Bandung Regency and the organization of the teaching profession, including the Chairman of Elementary Education Unit and the District PAUDNI Batujajar, Hj. Euis Siti Jamilah, MM.Pd, Kindergarten Supervisor District of Batujajar, Pandji Mulya, S.Pd, inspectors PAUDNI District of Batujajar, Wawan Suwandi, S.Pd. and Chairman IGTKI West Bandung regency.